Kunst im Aurelio

Das Aurelio fördert die Kunst. Nicht nur das hochkarätige Festival Lege Artis macht jährlich Station in Lech, auch die Wände des Aurelio werden von wechselnden Ausstellungen geziert. Um ein Stück vom Urlaub mit nach Hause zu nehmen, können die Kunstwerke auch vor Ort käuflich erworben werden.

Tim Hall

Seit vielen Jahren wichtiger Teil des Aurelio-Flair ist die Dauerausstellung des in London ansässigen Fotografen Tim Hall. Seine Landschaftsaufnahmen der Arlbergregion nehmen einen vom ersten Moment an gefangen.

Bereits seit Eröffnung des Hotel Aurelio im Dezember 2008 werden in den Räumlichkeiten des Hotels Aufnahmen von Tim Hall in Farbe und schwarz-weiß ausgestellt. Sie zeigen vorwiegend Lechs Landschaften und Gebirgszüge im Sommer und Winter sowie das winterliche Treiben auf den Skipisten der Alpenregion. Insgesamt 450 Fotografien des Künstlers finden sich unter anderem in den insgesamt 19 Zimmern und Suiten sowie der Hotelbar Licca Lounge.

Jedes Jahr im Sommer ist der Künstler selbst vor Ort und veranstaltet in kleinen Gruppen Workshops für Hobbyfotografen. Rechtzeitige Reservierungen werden unter der Emailadresse office@aureliolech.com empfohlen.



 Princess Sophie von Hanau,

born into an Austrian / German family, is a citizen of the world, fluent in four languages. She went to school in Spain, and visited family in the U.S several times a year. Whilst in pursuit of her BA in psychology, she attended the University of Miami, Webster University Vienna, C.I.S in Madrid and graduated at London’s Regent college in 2004. Believing that psychology is the window into the world and into human behavior, she began to merge this knowledge with her passion for photography, capturing the very moment that she wished to analyze.

Sophie then went on to another degree, and studied photography at the ‘School of Black and White Photography’ in London. Since a young age Sophie has had the opportunity to travel the world, her passion taking her to some of the most remote places around the globe. Quickly but to no surprise, she held her first photography exhibition at London’s renowned fashion store ‘Fendi’ on Sloane Street in 2006.

Sophie very much discovered her passion for photography through her psychology. In one of her ‘Abnormal Psychology‘ classes she was required to give a presentation, but having a serious fear of public speaking she decided to document her project on mental illness with images. “With a camera I found a voice!” she says. She spent 3 months strongly ineracting with homeless people in Miami, and New York, of which many suffer serious mental illnesses. The situations she found herself in were often far from safe. The response to her photography was astounding, and her project was exhibited at the University of Miami Arts Centre. Having grown up with her mother who is an interior designer, It was not long before this influence inspired her to merge decorative photography with documentary photography. Creating the over sized, modern and sometimes slightly abstract work she does today.

Her work is now being sold exclusively at several interior de- sign showrooms across the world, such as B&B Italia, Jalan in Miami’s design district, Nest in Bahrain, and Noujoum in Marbella Spain. Her work is also represented at various galleries. Though her passion lies in documentary/artistic photography, she spent 3 years working in fashion photography. Assisting Nick Haddow on a full time basis, with all of his campaigns. Her travels take her to Tanzania, Africa, for long periods of time, where the Sophie von Hanau Foundation funds several ongoing projects. www.svhf.com

“I go where my heart sends me, and I help where I can” She donates a generous amount of the proceeds from her sales to these projects. Knowing that this will help better the lives of those children and their families which she has worked with, come to love and wants to help.

Alexander Kaiser

Born in Wald am Arlberg, in the heart of the Austrian Alps, he got used to alpine environment already as a young boy at hisgrandfathers hand. Besides getting an educational background, he spent a lot of time in the mountains with climbing, skiing and taking photographs of course. In 1996 he took the step towards his own business and since then he has worked as a professional photographer with the main emphasis on landscape, sport/sportfashion and promotional photography. If the job allows he spend time in exotic regions far away from any semblance of civilisation in order to photograph special occasion and experiences. So far he has been to the Canadian woods, Norway, the North Indian Himalaya, Nepal, Tibet as well as the icy heights of Spitzbergen. Awards: Preis der österreichischen Berufsfotografie APA - Austrian Press Award Sport TAI Werbe Grand Prix Filmfestival Stanton Equipment: ArcaSwiss, Rodenstock, PhaseOne, Nikon, FujiX

In 2014 Alexander Kaiser won the gold medal with his picture "Panorama Landscape" of the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT.

In the last two decades, the TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT has attracted hundreds of thousands of pictures from nearly all countries around the world. It is by far the largest annual salon of photography on the globe.

It is the aim of this competition to find out the very best photography from different styles, techniques and genres. The TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT has established as an international benchmark of perfect photography.

We are more than happy to announce that his award winning pictures is located in our hotel.

For more information www.alexkaiser.at